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Food pantry (groceries)

Catholic Charities Yawkey Center

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Open to Residents of Suffolk County

New clients must provide two (2) identification/proof of residence. Returning clients may only provide one (1) identification/proof of residence.

The center can also provide assistane with ESL and GED programs.

    • Free Groceries


  • Tomorrow

    9:00 am–3:00 pm

  • This Wednesday

    9:00 am–3:00 pm

  • This Thursday

    9:00 am–3:00 pm

  • 9:00 am–3:00 pm

    every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


185 Columbia Road

Dudley / Brunswick King, MA 02121



(617) 506-6600

How do I get food?

You can receive food by visiting Catholic Charities Yawkey Center, at 9:00 AM tomorrow. Make sure to check each resource to see details like address, full schedule, and requirements–Catholic Charities Yawkey Center requires: Bring ID and proof of residence.

Can someone deliver the food to my house?

Delivery services are very limited and are usually reserved for senior citizens or those with serious medical problems. If you believe you fall into either category, let us know and we can help you find options in your area.

What do I have to bring?

Every location is different! Please review the details included on each resource to see whether you need to bring any documentation like ID or proof of address, or supplies like bags to carry the food. If you don’t see any information on the resource, you don’t have to bring anything!

Do I need an appointment?

Every location is different! Some accept appointments, some require it, and others allow walk-ins. Catholic Charities Yawkey Center does not require an appointment or pre-registration, but please review all details on the resource to understand how you should prepare for your visit.

What kind of food do they have?

Food pantries like Catholic Charities Yawkey Center offer grocery-style items such as canned food, fresh produce, and dry goods like pasta or rice that you can cook yourself. All of these locations may have different options on different days, so it is hard to tell what each one of them will offer any given day.

Do they have vegetables?

Pantries may have different options at different times, so it is hard to tell what each one of them will offer any given day. Most pantries do give out some form of vegetables, but they may be canned items.

Do they have meat?

Unfortunately, Catholic Charities Yawkey Center may have different options on different days, so it is hard to tell what each one of them will offer any given day.

Is Catholic Charities Yawkey Center open today?

Catholic Charities Yawkey Center is not open today! If you don’t see anything else open today, please let us know and we can search for additional options.

Where are you located?

Because our work is mostly virtual, the Lemontree team works remotely, and we don’t have an office for in-person visits. Catholic Charities Yawkey Center is located at 185 Columbia Road!