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There’s no reason for our neighbors to go hungry when there’s free food around the corner.

We’re on a mission to combat food insecurity in the US by harnessing the power of data and human connection.

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The majority of people facing hunger don’t take the free food available to them.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of food pantries and soup kitchens across the country that are ready to help.

At Lemontree, we use technology to strengthen existing networks of food assistance & improve accessibility for the end user, while bringing empathy to the forefront of the experience.

Our family of donors unlock dinner for their neighbors in need.

As hunger worsens, we’re growing as fast as we can to meet the need.

Last year, 44 million of our neighbors went to bed hungry–a 31% jump from the previous year, and the biggest increase since 2008.

Through our tech-enabled food helpline, personalized food access dashboards, and an online resource directory, we’ve grown to serve thousands of households every day across eleven regions since 2021.

Our impact goes beyond a single meal, translating into substantial, lasting support that prioritizes the humanity of our neighbors in need.

Lemontree serves many cities, with more launches planned in 2024.


Data + Hospitality = Full Plates

We meet people where they are and treat them with dignity and respect. Every user speaks to a hospitality specialist (a real human!) who can provide personalized recommendations about the best food resources nearby.

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Help is out there. It shouldn’t be this hard to take it.

There are more food pantries in the US than McDonalds. Yet, no one has accurate information on their location and hours.

We’re building the most comprehensive dataset on food resources, backed by up-to-the-minute data & real user feedback.


Hear Devika’s Story

Lemontree helped Devika find food for her family just a short walk from her house.

$1 can help unlock $9 of free food

With Lemontree, your donation goes further.

The food is already out there–we just need to help our neighbors find it. It costs us just $1 to help a user unlock up to $9 of free food.


Join the Lemontree Family


Every dollar donated to Lemontree connects our hungry neighbors to free food.

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