We Can Help.

Whether it’s your first time visiting a food pantry, or you’ve had SNAP for years, everyone can use a little guidance.

Food Pantries

 A food pantry is a place that distributes free grocery items. They can be run by churches, nonprofits, or volunteer groups, and they all operate differently. We can help you find the best options near you! With thousands of locations in our database, finding free food in your area is easy. Read more about visiting a pantry for the first time here.

Soup Kitchens

Maybe you don’t need groceries–that’s okay too! There are plenty of places to get a free, hot meal, whether it’s a church around the corner, or a neighborhood volunteer. During COVID, most places are offering grab & go service, but they’ll often provide you with more than one meal when you visit. Ready-to-eat meals are waiting for you!

Government Benefits

The government safety net is designed to support you in times like these. There are tons of public benefits to help with groceries, rent & utilities, baby items, and more. For example, 42 million Americans use SNAP benefits: a monthly allowance you can use to buy groceries, just like any debit card. Learn more about applying for SNAP here.

Delivery Options

Maybe you can't get out of the house–we understand. We may be able to help you find grocery or meal delivery options in your community. There are certain eligibility requirements, but we can walk through all that together!

You Are Not Alone

1 in 8 Americans needs help with food.

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